Privacy Policy

The YouOnline User Agreement contains these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and all included policiesWe must inform you about data that we collect, the way we use it, and the meaningful control that you must have over it. We want your authorization about the information that you are sharing with us. This is why we have created our privacy policy.

1- Information we get from you:

We collect some information from you to provide our services. When you share this information with us, we collect it, and provide you, our services.

  • Basic and Private Information: We collect your sign-up information, the information that you provide us while creating an account. Your user's name and nickname are public always. To create a professional account, you need to provide additional information like a street address, phone number, and email address. All this information will be public. Moreover, you can also create more than one account based on different views like political, social, religious, health, etc.

  • Contact and Device Information: For safety, security, and log verification purposes, we ensure the authenticity of your account with your phone number or email address. You can control your notifications from settings and also unsubscribe from them. With your permission, we can sync your address book and help to find people you know. For any query, when you email us, we will keep your contact details, email address, and message content for responding.

  • Direct and In-direct communications: Most activities like your total posts, date and day when you posted, your location, date of account creation, information on the profile, and language that you are displaying. We may provide audio transcription for any video or audio that you will share. Your followers, followings, pages, and hashtags are also public. The information that others will post about you will also be public, like tagging you. We collect information for how you interact with others, how you are using our platform, the features you are using, duration and frequency of your activities.

2- Additional information we get from you:

We collect some information from you to provide our services. When you share this information with us, we collect it, and provide you, our services

  • Location Information: We get information about your sign-in and sign-up locations for your account’s security and reliability. If you encounter an unknown sign-up, you can immediately report us and we will take care of your safety. We also restore information about places that you are visiting and based on that we provide you suggestions.

  • External Links: For our services and operations, we track your interaction with the links that we provide. These links are sent to you either by email or by ads. When you visit an outside link that website collects some of your data such as IP address and identify cookies.

  • Cookies: We use cookies to know about our platform and other websites usage. We do not use it for most of our services like searching and stalking profiles. We allow cookies on your website with your permission.

  • Your control on additional information: You can choose your interests to make us display ads relative to your choice. It’s on you whether you want to share your precise location with us or not. Moreover, you can restrict our control to keep track of your activities on other websites.

3- Information we disclose and share:

You Online is designed to instantly and broadly distribute the information that you want to circulate publicly. Some of your data remain private under some circumstances

  • Sharing your data: We share your data with your direction and consent. We also work with third-party websites to display their content on our platform and when you click on that content, those websites share your data. But you can deny this by turning off your auto-play for videos and not clicking.

  • Third-party services: We go in for service providers to provide services and functions for us. We may share your data with these service providers but on our behalf.

  • Laws and legal processes: We may share, preserve, disclose, and use your data upon governmental request for legal processes. This is to protect the integrity and safety of our platform and to prevent malicious attacks, spam, and abuse.

4- Children and our services:

Children under the age of 14 are not directed to use our services. The minimum age is 16 years for using our platform.

5- Changes in our privacy policy:

We frequently update our privacy policy. It can always be found on our platform. We will notify you every time we will change our policy. After these changes, if you agree to our new policy, then you can continue using our platform.